Top 3 Liquid Highlighters

Hello loves, since my Top 3 Powder Highlighters post I’ve had a few requests and questions asking me about liquid and cream highlighters! Now when I first started using liquid highlighters, I had such a nightmare and it’s taken me a long time to find the perfect formulas that wont slide around my face and move the rest of my make up around where it need not be going! So I hope this post will give you some guidance on liquid highlights…

Above are my swatches, Nyx top, then L’Oreal and last Chanel.


  • Soleil Bronzer – Chanel

I’ve mentioned this product before on my Festive Faves post, but I couldn’t help but bring it back for this post, it is honestly my favourite liquid highlighter. It doesn’t smear or smudge on the skin, it sits perfectly on top of make up which makes the £30 price tag a little easier to swallow. Beautiful golden toned shimmer that lasts all day long, it matches perfectly with the Soleil de Tan Bronzer also by Chanel.


  • Liquid Illuminator – NYX

At Only £7 a pop, NYX is the most purse friendly highlight out of the 3. But don’t be fooled by the low price point because this liquid will give you series glow factor. I’ve had this highlighter about 4 months now and use it pretty regularly underneath my powder highlights because it really gives a gorgeous dewy sheen on the skin.



  • True Match Highlight – L’Oreal

Probably the most natural looking of the 3, L’Oreal brought out this highlighter mid last year and I’ve heard many great things about it since then. It’s a beautiful soft golden shine that lasts all day and is amazing for highlighting under the brow bone as it doesn’t smudge or run into my brow products.


I hope you guys find this useful if you’re looking for a new liquid based highlighter, honestly these 3 are totally worth the hype, they’re fantastic products that truly deserve a place in your make up collection! Let me know what your favourite liquid highlighters are so I can go buy more lol! Thanks for the read,

Coral xo


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