L’Oreal True Match Highlight Review

Hi beauties, today I’ve got a little highlighter review on the 2 powder highlighter compacts L’Oreal brought out some time ago. I’ve not really seen these raved about in the beauty community so I remembered I’d bought them when they were first out and I’ve decided to do a quick post with some swatches to show you guys just in case you haven’t seen them anywhere!

L’Oreal bought out 2 shades of powder highlight to add to the ever growing True Match collection. I love L’Oreal in general and especially the True Match foundation, it’s really lightweight and the coverage is pretty good so I had quite high hopes for these highlights.

The first highlight is a real cool toned, icy highlight. Undertones of blue & iridescent silver really stand out on the tops of cheekbones when applied with a brush. Icy Glow is my favourite out of the two and is a little bit like the Mary-Lou Manizer. My only down point with this highlight is that it really does make any blemishes stand out where applied on top. So if you’ve woken up with a pesky red spot on your cheek then I’d give this a miss until it’s cleared up.

Secondly we have Golden Glow. Like the name, this highlighter is a luminous blend of 4 tan colours that mix together perfectly for a healthy finish. This powder really emphasizes your natural skin colour and looks stunning on more tan skin. If you’re wanting a real pop of colour with these highlights then I’d recommend applying with a touch of Fix+ or some other kind of spray just to wet the brush a little.


Exert from L’Oreal’s website:                                                                                                                    “A collection of 4 iridescent powder highlighters in one product which blend effortlessly together. Highlight features and key areas or use all over to illuminate skin. Ultra fine pigment and highly blendable formula”

Above photo: Left- no flash. Right- with flash.

These highlights currently retail for £7.99 each in Superdrug, which for a highlighter it’s a petty decent price point! L’Oreal is an amazing drugstore brand, the prices are always so low compared to the quality of product you receive and I for one love these highlighters just as much as my high end highlights. The compact also includes a little mirror and brush underneath the product, super handy for on the go.

Anyways I hope this post opened your eyes up to a highlighter that definitely isn’t raved about enough as it should be, so if you liked the look of the swatches, go grab yours!

Thanks for the read,

Coral xo




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