My Top 3 Social Beauty Influences

Hello loves, 2016 was such an amazing year for so many people in the beauty industry. I’ve watched brands and influences grow into huge successors of their work and its really great to see their hard work pay off. So in honour to some of the people that have influenced me personally last year, I’ve decided to make a post explaining why I’m so obsessed with them…

As the beauty queen of Dubai, Huda Kattan has nurtured the HudaBeauty brand growing a fan base quite like no other. Starting out as a blogger in 2010, she really has worked her way into a lifestyle many of us can only dream of, I mean just imagine being sent all the beautiful make up everyday and needing an entire closet to store it in!

From lashes to lips, Huda is currently ruling the beauty empire through her social media with hundreds of thousands of eager beauty enthusiasts using the #hudabeauty hashtag in hope of a repost. Last year her latest product was the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. Consisting of 18 colours packed with the purest pigmentation a girl can only dream of, this palette is enough to make any make up follower go insane. I think one of the main points that makes Huda and her family so popular is their extremely likable personalities and is one of my most cherished Snapchat accounts, posting not only honest reviews but also posting her day to day life is very entertaining and only takes 20 seconds for us to die with jealousy!


MannyMua is no doubt one of the most influential males in the beauty industry right now. Starting off as a MAC make up artist, he now boasts over 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, posting weekly tutorials showing off that glam he does so well. I think the main thing that attracted me to Manny’s channel at first was his incredible beliefs as, like Manny I think its so incredibly important for males in the beauty industry to receive just as much recognition as women, and he is definitely contributing to that along with his fabulous friends to name a few: Patrick Star and Jeffree Star (velour liquid lip come at me!).

Manny really has created something he should be proud of last year and even looking past his hilarious almost diva attitude,  its clear to see through his videos and social media he has a heart full of total gold. I’m also such a huge Make up Geek Cosmetics fan so you can be sure that when Manny’s collab palette was announced I literally squealed in excitement, his palette is so beautiful and such a well thought out colour range, as MUG always do and I’ve found myself reaching for this palette on the daily! Manny really has become my favourite YouTube icon this last year, and I’ve truly enjoyed watching him flourish online and watching his talents and resume grow! Also, It’s amazing to see him become Maybelline’s first EVER male beauty ambassador. Such an amazing achievement Manny, well done!



At the forefront of beauty innovation, Nikki has taken the internet by storm creating beauty challenges that have been followed and praised by creators alike. A great fact is that Nikki actually used to be the one watching YouTube videos and following trends, how amazing she must feel to have grown so much throughout the past 7 years and now be the one setting trends. My love for Nikki really started to grow earlier last year when she released a video called The Power of Make Up.

Throughout the video, she addressed the hard hitting facts about beauty enthusiasts being too afraid to admit their passion for beauty due to public and internet trolls shaming them! After going full glam on just half her face and leaving the other bare, she explained how important it is to love yourself and be proud of who you are, no matter who you are, what you do or what you believe in. With the video currently at 33 million views, Nikki has been showered with praise from the internet community and has even released her own palette in a collab with Too Faced Cosmetics adequately named The Power of Make Up palette.


The people I’ve mentioned are my the people who have personally influenced my life last year, whether that be through their amazing values or incredible tutorials and I’m truly thankful to them for putting their experiences on the internet for make up artists and enthusiasts to follow. Anyway guys, thanks so much for giving this a read I really appreciate it, leave me a comment on here or Instagram, I want to know your favourite influences of 2016! Thanks for the read,

Coral xo


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