Surviving Valentines

So another year has come round and with it another Valentines Day. This year, as like last I’m single. Don’t get me wrong I actually feel ok about being single, I do sometimes think yeah it would obviously be nice to be a pair but then I remember I have a king size bed to myself and don’t have to share food so? Yeah I’m good just being me.

However I know there’s a lot of women and men that don’t have the same Valentines outlook as me! So I’ve decided to write a mini survival guide to the dreaded February 14th. I for one will be on holiday this year, I’m going to Barbados with my sister and I cannot wait! This guide is a mix on things to do on your own or even with people if you’re lucky enough to know other single people. Enjoy…

Go for a drive

I know this sounds so generic but whether you’re alone or with friends, going for a drive somewhere planned or totally random can sometimes end up being a fantastically, hilarious day! Last year one of my best friends and I were both single so we just went shopping, got a shit ton of junk food and went for like a 2 hour round trip. We blasted our favourite songs and made jokes about all the loved up couples we saw. After a while we pretty much forgot what day it was and just enjoyed ourselves!

Have a movie day

Movies, duvet, popcorn. If the thought of even leaving the house on Valentines Day is enough to break your little heart in two then don’t bother. Stay home, relax, catch up on that series you’ve been meaning to watch. Watch all your favourite movies, even invite over a friend and share the love.

Overtime at work

If you really don’t want to be at home procrastinating about Valentines and don’t hate your job (lucky), then why don’t you offer yourself up for overtime. There’s bound to be hours going for the people who have booked the day off. It’ll get you in your bosses good books and you’ll earn a little extra cash to spend on yourself!

Catch up

Use the 14th as a catch up day for the things you’ve been putting off for a while. Whether you’re at School, University or working you’re most likely going to have some sort of work to be catching up on. If you’ve got chores to do, get them done! You’ll feel better for it. If you’ve been meaning to make something or have an inkling for cooking/baking then grab your ingredients and spend the day making delicious eats.


This one is definitely more catered to myself! I love organising, cleaning and sorting shit out in general so this would have me sorted for a week never mind just one day. But it may work in your favour if you’re not the tidiest of them all! If you’ve been waking up to an overflowing wardrobe, clean it out, donate to charity or friends. Organising can make such a different to not only the space you live but also your own mind and positivity.


So there are my tips to surviving Valentines Day if you’re single and not sad about it! I think we’re all guilty for getting sucked up into social expectations sometimes that we forget its ok not to have a significant other and its ok if we want to be alone for a while.

I think everybody needs the opportunity to figure out what they want in life, and how we want to be treated by others. Valentines if you’re single shouldn’t be a sad day, it should be a day to celebrate your independence and relationships with family or friends instead!

Try not to dread Valentines Day! Thanks for the read,

Coral xo


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