Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Holiday Velour Liquid Lipticks

So on Sunday morning I was scrolling through Beauty Bay and saw Jeffree Star’s Winter 16 Holiday Collection Liquid Lipsticks on sale at £11.20! So you better know I was ready to pick up all them, now Sunday was the day before pay day for me so I could only afford 2 at that time, I’ve been on again this morning as writing (Monday – payday yay) and the sale has finished and the Holiday collection has vanished from Beauty Bay!

I’m so gutted I didn’t manage to get the whole collection but anyway the 2 lovely shades I did manage to pick up have just arrived now so thought I’d show you some swatches!


As you can see Jeffree’s Liquid Lipsticks are always super pigmented and they really do last all day long without being drying on the lips. His products are a credit to him in my opinion and I can honestly say I’ve not once bought a product from him that I haven’t been totally in love with! Okay so below are the swatches of Sagittarius (left) and Chrysanthemum (right).


I got so frustrated taking this swatch photo, because you really can’t see how beautiful a colour Chrysanthemum is! The pinky/peachy nude colour has these tiny little flecks of gold that really stand out when on the lips and in certain lights but unfortunately my camera wasn’t able to pick it up!

Either way, if you can still get your hands on these shades either on Beauty Bay or Jeffree Star Cosmetics official website then I highly recommend doing so! If not, try out some other of his products, they’re fantastic quality and at a fair price point of £16 each normal price. Totally worth it, because I guarantee you’ll be wearing them everyday!

Thanks for the read,

Coral xo


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