January 17 Netflix Picks

Hello dears today I have something a little further away from beauty. I’ve had Netflix for the best part of about 3 years now and use it daily, there’s so many great shows and films available easily accessible from almost anywhere. I’ve seen so many different series big and small over the years, many being a total hit but also some being a real miss. So today I’m going to share with you my top picks available on Netflix as of January 2017! Grab some popcorn and make a list, because some of these shows are addictive!

Zoo, 2015


First we have a series I only recently discovered thanks to a recommendation by my Dad. Zoo is a 13 part thriller drama set in the present day as unexplained, violent animal begin to take place across the globe. Zoo shows a small group of people on the hunt for a cure- a cure to stop all humankind being abolished by the animal kingdom. Intrigued? You should be, from the world go I was addicted to this series, it’s one of those drama’s that sound so ridiculous when you read the plot but once you begin watching it’s one of the most gripping, spectacular shows I’ve seen for a long time. Zoo was initially shown on CBS which I don’t have here in the UK, I’m just hoping they will explore the very large open door left wide when series 1 ended.

Jane the Virgin, 2014

jane the virgin.jpeg

Set in Miami, Jane the Virgin focuses on the unexpectedly unlucky life of Jane Villanueva. Originally a young, religious hard working woman whose family vow to save her virginity until marriage is compromised when she is mistakenly artificially inseminated by her Doctor. Although it may seem the events are quite serious, the show parodies common devices used in original Latin telenovelas. This give the CW series a great satirical rom-com feel and in spite of some sad moments, it’s generally quite a happy heartwarming show. Award winning Jane Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni have amazing chemistry throughout and expect many twists and turns throughout Anthony Mendez’s clever narration.

 A Series of Unfortunate Events, 2017


I actually binge watched this series last weekend, having read the books when I was younger it was nice to see a Netflix Original reboot of Lemony Snickit’s brilliant books. Despite it’s obviously unfortunate events, all the mishaps are shown the lighthearted black-comedy. Now the cast of this season is fantastic, both starring and producer Neil Patrick-Harris is a credit to his work here and the young actors portray fantastic characteristics to those of the original books. We are also treated to narration from the soothing voice of  Patrick Warburton. His calm collective, insights to the story give the show a something extra suspense. The first season insights into the first 4 of Snicket’s books, and is also in planning of a second series adapting up to the eighth book, and a third season is expected to complete the story.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race, 2009-present


This show has to be one of the most flamboyant, outgoing and damn right hilarious shows out there. I have to credit Ru Paul and the producers for creating a content that immediately puts a smile on your face. When I first started watching the show, I thought that it pretty much has the same plot as America’s Next Top Model, which admit I used to watch religiously, now if you liked Top Model then trust me you will love Drag Race. There’s currently 8 seasons as well as 2 All Stars seasons that show past Queens battling out to be America’s next drag superstar. Just watching the make up artistry skills the contestants have is enough to keep me watching but expect daunting weekly challenges, bitchy arguments, OTT lip syncing and the most fabulously daring outfits you’ll ever see. Ru Paul is the most fabulous of them all in this feel good show. My favourite is Season 6!


Now don’t get me wrong I loved the likes of Pretty Little Liars, Orange is the New Black and Prison Break (Wentworth Miller, duh?) and found most them very enticing and addictive but the shows I’ve mentioned in detail above are some of the picks that I don’t think have been as mainstream or popular so try them out and let me know what you think! I sent my recommendations to my colleagues at work and the best feedback came from Zoo! Hope this give you some Netflix inspiration, thanks for the read,

Coral xo 


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