Brand Review: Make Up Revolution

Predominately a UK brand, Revolution has seen a giant soar in sales and popularity these past months and quite rightly so. Admittedly I once saw this brand as cheap, high street dupes filling up my local Superdrug with a target audience of only just teenagers. However, demand for this brand has increased massively lately with many of their now loved products quickly selling out and product reviews from bloggers emerging claiming a true love for the brand. So last month I did a little Superdrug order (which I did online to stop myself swatching before I purchased so I can grasp a true first impression when actually using the products) and bought some of the more staple products flying about the bloggesphere as well as some other treats… But are they worth the hype?
For the most part, yes.

First of all is the highly sought after Fortune Favours the Brave eye shadow palette. Boasting 30 unique shades of both mattes and shimmers, this palette offers a very diverse colour range which is brilliant if you’re on the hunt for an eye shadow which you can use on the daily but also for more out-there looks. I paid £9.99 for this palette which is an amazing price point, even for a drug store brand – so I was pleasantly surprised with how much colour pay off you get with these shadows. The pigmentation of this palette is good and easily blendable.  My only query with this product is that I did get quite a lot of fall out while applying. I used my Sigma brushes for blending and a small flat Morphe brush for the lid. Luckily, I generally always do my eyes before applying face make up so for me colour fall out is not a huge downer but I know a lot of people that apply their face base first so just a pre-warning.

 As you can see there is no crazy fancy packaging here, but a sleek, hard plastic case which does give a feel of durability (which is the same style packaging as most of their palette based products). It comes with a double ended brush for application which I’m afraid I didn’t test out because I generally never use the brushes given with palettes as I find them to be of a much lower quality than my other brushes.

Moving on to the 2 palettes pictured above. First, the Highlighter Palette in the aptly named Highlight. This 3 colour product is stunning, colour payoff is very impressive and a little really does go a long way. The colour options are nice, offering a blush pink, nude gold and subtle yellow. If you’re looking for a bright, almost fluorescent highlight that’s really going to stand out then this product is the one for you! Next I have the Blush Palette in Blush Queen.

Now I know this is a blush palette but I’m honestly not a big blush wearer so I tested them out as blush and they were ok but not my personal taste and honestly I get so stressed out even trying to wear it, so I’ve been using these as eyeshadows instead and I’ve got much more use from the palette this way. They have good pigmentation but the longevity isn’t the best, still worth way more than the actual price tag of only £9.99. I’m definitely noticing myself using these products way more often than I thought I would!

Next I have the Fixing Spray which I must firstly credit the packaging – a mainly black spray bottle with a rose gold font and cap is definitely one way to entice me into buying a product! The actual product at hand however is not something I will continue to use, for me the staying power of this product is not fantastic, and takes a little longer than I like to settle and dry on my skin. I didn’t really notice any difference in the longevity of my make up throughout the week I was testing it out, although it’s an absolute steal at £6, it’s unfortunately not worth it for me. Let me know if anyone else has trouble with this setting spray, or any others for that matter!

Now for my favourite. The Baked Highlighter in Goddess of Love I am in love with this product and honestly could not rave about it more if I tried. I’m honestly struggling to even put into words the beauty of this packaging too, I know it’s almost an exact replica of the Too Faced baked bronzers and highlighters – but I still love them! The pigmentation on swatches and when actually applied to the face is worth far more than the effective cost of only £4.99. I loved this product so much that I actually went on to the Superdrug website again to buy more shades and they were all sold out! However I did manage to pick up in store one of the Baked Bronzers sweetly named Summer of Love which although includes a glittery shine in the formula that I would normally stray from, I also love! Colour pay and longevity is amazing, I’ve found myself reaching for both these products on the daily.



P.s This isn’t a sponsored post but just a head’s up that if you sign up for a Superdrug Rewards Card, you get free standard home and store delivery!

Okay so there’s all my thoughts on these Revolution products, I absolutely love the baked bronzer and highlighter and have been using them every day since I bought them! I would highly recommend anybody wanting to try new products or even make up beginners to try out this brand. It’s extremely affordable and your actually getting decent products here! I hope these swatches and comments are a good insight  into this brand for you to go out and test them for yourself! Thanks for the read,

Coral xo



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