What I Got For Christmas 2016

Hello, hope you’re all well and hope you had an amazing Christmas! I for one had such a great day, my whole family came over and we ate the most amazingly tasty Christmas dinner, played charades and danced to old classics until the early hours! I love it when everyone gets together and puts all those family quarrels aside to just celebrate 🙂

Now this post isn’t going to be every single thing I received this year, I’ve left out the socks, underwear, pajamas and other little bits (mainly because they’re already in use lol). Quick disclaimer: I consider myself very lucky for the lovely gits I received this year from my family and friends and thought I would share a select few with you! In no way, shape or form is this ‘bragging’, I just love reading these posts and thought I’d make my own! Please leave some comments here and tell me what you got this Christmas so I can go buy everything in the sales lol!

Ok so the first present was actually a gift from me, to me! I feel like in 2016, if you want yourself a present then girl you go buy it! I even wrapped this up and placed it under the tree for myself to open on Christmas morning, sad? Probably. Bothered, nope. The present in question is of course the Giorgio Armani – Si. I am in love with this perfume, its a mature yet inviting scent and most importantly for me it’s not overpowering! Best part is it came in a little gift set with a mini mascara and lip gloss… Free extras, yay. Bit on the pricey side, but I consider this perfume well worth the money and now a staple in my routine. Anyway here’s some of my amazing Christmas gifts! P.s sorry for picture quality, camera is still dead 😦



It was also my 21st birthday this week so rather than doing a separate post I thought I’d pop in some pictures of my beautiful presents here too!

This is the simple yet stunning Oliver Burton watch my amazing Grandma gifted me for my birthday this year, she wanted to give me something material that I could treasure forever and have as  memory of this milestone day. I feel incredibly lucky to have received this from her and honestly could not be more grateful!

My lovely Auntie also sent me the gorgeous little mix match earrings from Anthropology which I have been wanting to buy myself for a while now. I love the simplicity of this design and mix matched earrings are becoming some what of a personal passion lately so I’m very pleased to be adding these to my collection!

And that’s the most part of what I received from my generous family and friends for Xmas this year, I hope you all received gifts that you love too and hope you all had an amazing New Years Eve. I for one actually spent this year at home with my family watching the London Fireworks, drinking Disaronno and singing along to Auld Lang Syne when the clock struck midnight  🙂

Happy New Year everyone,

Coral xo


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