Hello, it’s me…

Welcome to my very first blog post of 2017!!

So here it is, after much deliberation, countless hours of prep and a hell of a lot of coffee… My very first public blog!

I’m so so excited to be able to share my personal loves with my friends, family and everyone new who comes across this page because the support I’ve received from not only my loved ones but also strangers who I am now proud to call good friends I’ve met through my Instagram is absolutely amazing… Thanks guys!

At this moment, I’m not putting too much personal info about myself online, mainly because I do like my privacy however I’m sure this will change in time as my online personality flourishes and I find my feet. For now though here’s a some quick facts about me…

1: I’m from the United Kingdom, I was originally born and lived down South but have grown up in Yorkshire with my family from 5 years old. 2: I’m 20 years old and my birthday is in December (best month ever). 3: I’m the most chatty person alive, I can literally talk for hours, probably days, on end. 4: My favourite time of year is Autumn/Winter.. Snugly jumpers and Christmas… I’m waiting for you! 5: My current job that I’ve been doing for 2 years now, is with a largely popular home furnishings retailer not too far from where I live. That’s all you get for now 😉

As you can see my blog is going to consist of mainly beauty related posts. Expect tips, hacks, tutorials, personal favourites and much more to keep the beauty minds occupied. Another one of my passions aside from beauty is interior design. I have an obsessive love for anything I can buy or make myself for my home, so I’ll be posting some interior related stuff too.

I’m going to wrap this up here or I will be typing for days, so I hope you enjoy being on this journey with me, leave a comment with any ideas or anything you want to see me write about/review and I’ll jump right on it!

Coral xo


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