L’Oreal True Match Highlight Review

Hi beauties, today I’ve got a little highlighter review on the 2 powder highlighter compacts L’Oreal brought out some time ago. I’ve not really seen these raved about in the beauty community so I remembered I’d bought them when they were first out and I’ve decided to do a quick post with some swatches to show you guys just in case you haven’t seen them anywhere!

L’Oreal bought out 2 shades of powder highlight to add to the ever growing True Match collection. I love L’Oreal in general and especially the True Match foundation, it’s really lightweight and the coverage is pretty good so I had quite high hopes for these highlights.

The first highlight is a real cool toned, icy highlight. Undertones of blue & iridescent silver really stand out on the tops of cheekbones when applied with a brush. Icy Glow is my favourite out of the two and is a little bit like the Mary-Lou Manizer. My only down point with this highlight is that it really does make any blemishes stand out where applied on top. So if you’ve woken up with a pesky red spot on your cheek then I’d give this a miss until it’s cleared up.

Secondly we have Golden Glow. Like the name, this highlighter is a luminous blend of 4 tan colours that mix together perfectly for a healthy finish. This powder really emphasizes your natural skin colour and looks stunning on more tan skin. If you’re wanting a real pop of colour with these highlights then I’d recommend applying with a touch of Fix+ or some other kind of spray just to wet the brush a little.


Exert from L’Oreal’s website:                                                                                                                    “A collection of 4 iridescent powder highlighters in one product which blend effortlessly together. Highlight features and key areas or use all over to illuminate skin. Ultra fine pigment and highly blendable formula”

Above photo: Left- no flash. Right- with flash.

These highlights currently retail for ¬£7.99 each in Superdrug, which for a highlighter it’s a petty decent price point! L’Oreal is an amazing drugstore brand, the prices are always so low compared to the quality of product you receive and I for one love these highlighters just as much as my high end highlights. The compact also includes a little mirror and brush underneath the product, super handy for on the go.

Anyways I hope this post opened your eyes up to a highlighter that definitely isn’t raved about enough as it should be, so if you liked the look of the swatches, go grab yours!

Thanks for the read,

Coral xo



My Top 3 Social Beauty Influences

Hello loves, 2016¬†was such an amazing year for so many people in the beauty industry. I’ve watched brands and influences grow into huge successors of their work and its really great to see their hard work pay off. So in honour to some of the people that have influenced me personally last year, I’ve decided to make a post explaining why I’m so obsessed with them…

As the beauty queen of Dubai, Huda Kattan has nurtured the HudaBeauty brand growing a fan base quite like no other. Starting out as a blogger in 2010, she really has worked her way into a lifestyle many of us can only dream of, I mean just imagine being sent all the beautiful make up everyday and needing an entire closet to store it in!

From lashes to lips, Huda is currently ruling the beauty empire through her social media with hundreds of thousands of eager beauty enthusiasts using the #hudabeauty hashtag in hope of a repost. Last year her latest product was the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. Consisting of 18 colours packed with the purest pigmentation a girl can only dream of, this palette is enough to make any make up follower go insane. I think one of the main points that makes Huda and her family so popular is their extremely likable personalities and is one of my most cherished Snapchat accounts, posting not only honest reviews but also posting her day to day life is very entertaining and only takes 20 seconds for us to die with jealousy!


MannyMua is no doubt one of the most influential males in the beauty industry right now. Starting off as a MAC make up artist, he now boasts over 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, posting weekly tutorials showing off that glam he does so well. I think the main thing that attracted me to Manny’s channel at first was his incredible beliefs as, like Manny I think its so incredibly important for males in the beauty industry to receive just as much recognition as women, and he is definitely contributing to that along with his fabulous friends to name a few: Patrick Star and Jeffree Star (velour liquid lip come at me!).

Manny really has created something he should be proud of last year and even looking past his hilarious almost diva attitude, ¬†its clear to see through his videos and social media he has a heart full of total gold. I’m also such a huge Make up Geek Cosmetics fan so you can be sure that when Manny’s collab palette was announced I literally squealed in excitement, his palette is so beautiful and such a well thought out colour range, as MUG always do and I’ve found myself reaching for this palette on the daily! Manny really has become my favourite YouTube icon this last year, and I’ve truly enjoyed watching him flourish online and watching his talents and resume grow! Also, It’s amazing to see him become Maybelline’s first EVER male beauty ambassador. Such an amazing achievement Manny, well done!



At the forefront of beauty innovation, Nikki has taken the internet by storm creating beauty challenges that have been followed and praised by creators alike. A great fact is that Nikki actually used to be the one watching YouTube videos and following trends, how amazing she must feel to have grown so much throughout the past 7 years and now be the one setting trends. My love for Nikki really started to grow earlier last year when she released a video called The Power of Make Up.

Throughout the video, she addressed the hard hitting facts about beauty enthusiasts being too afraid to admit their passion for beauty due to public and internet trolls shaming them! After going full glam on just half her face and leaving the other bare, she explained how important it is to love yourself and be proud of who you are, no matter who you are, what you do or what you believe in. With the video currently at 33 million views, Nikki has been showered with praise from the internet community and has even released her own palette in a collab with Too Faced Cosmetics adequately named The Power of Make Up palette.


The people I’ve mentioned are my the people who have personally influenced my life last year, whether that be through their amazing values or incredible tutorials and I’m truly thankful to them for putting their experiences on the internet for make up artists and¬†enthusiasts¬†to follow.¬†Anyway guys, thanks so much for giving this a read I really appreciate it, leave me a comment on here or Instagram, I want to know your favourite¬†influences of 2016! Thanks for the read,

Coral xo

Surviving Valentines

So another year has come round and with it another Valentines Day. This year, as like last I’m single. Don’t get me wrong I actually feel ok about being single, I do sometimes think yeah it would obviously be nice to be a pair but then I remember I have a king size bed to myself and don’t have to share food so? Yeah I’m good just being me.

However I know there’s a lot of women and men that don’t have the same Valentines outlook as me! So I’ve decided to write a mini survival guide to the dreaded February 14th. I for one will be on holiday this year, I’m going to Barbados with my sister and I cannot wait! This guide is a mix on things to do on your own or even with people if you’re lucky enough to know other single people. Enjoy…

Go for a drive

I know this sounds so generic but whether you’re alone or with friends, going for a drive somewhere planned or totally random can sometimes end up being a fantastically, hilarious day! Last year one of my best friends and I were both single so we just went shopping, got a shit ton of junk food and went for like a 2 hour round trip. We blasted our favourite songs and made jokes about all the loved up couples we saw. After a while we pretty much forgot what day it was and just enjoyed ourselves!

Have a movie day

Movies, duvet, popcorn. If the thought of even leaving the house on Valentines Day is enough to break your little heart in two then don’t bother. Stay home, relax, catch up on that series you’ve been meaning to watch. Watch all your favourite movies, even invite over a friend and share the love.

Overtime at work

If you really don’t want to be at home procrastinating about Valentines and don’t hate your job (lucky), then why don’t you offer yourself up for overtime. There’s bound to be hours going for the people who have booked the day off. It’ll get you in your bosses good books and you’ll earn a little extra cash to spend on yourself!

Catch up

Use the 14th as a catch up day for the things you’ve been putting off for a while. Whether you’re at School, University or working you’re most likely going to have some sort of work to be catching up on. If you’ve got chores to do, get them done! You’ll feel better for it. If you’ve been meaning to make something or have an inkling for cooking/baking then grab your ingredients and spend the day making delicious eats.


This one is definitely more catered to myself! I love organising, cleaning and sorting shit out in general so this would have me sorted for a week never mind just one day. But it may work in your favour if you’re not the tidiest of them all! If you’ve been waking up to an overflowing wardrobe, clean it out, donate to charity or friends. Organising can make such a different to not only the space you live but also your own mind and positivity.


So there are my tips to surviving Valentines Day if you’re single and not sad about it! I think we’re all guilty for getting sucked up into social expectations sometimes that we forget its ok not to have a significant other and its ok if we want to be alone for a while.

I think everybody needs the opportunity to figure out what they want in life, and how we want to be treated by others. Valentines if you’re single shouldn’t be a sad day, it should be a day to celebrate your independence and relationships with family or friends instead!

Try not to dread Valentines Day! Thanks for the read,

Coral xo

Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Holiday Velour Liquid Lipticks

So on Sunday morning I was scrolling through Beauty Bay and saw Jeffree Star’s Winter 16 Holiday Collection Liquid Lipsticks on sale at ¬£11.20! So you better know I was ready to pick up all them, now Sunday was the day before pay day for me so I could only afford 2 at that time, I’ve been on again this morning as writing (Monday – payday yay) and the sale has finished and the Holiday collection has vanished from Beauty Bay!

I’m so gutted I didn’t manage to get the whole collection but anyway the 2 lovely shades I did manage to pick up have just arrived now so thought I’d show you some swatches!


As you can see Jeffree’s Liquid Lipsticks are always super pigmented and they really do last all day long without being drying on the lips. His products are a credit to him in my opinion and I can honestly say I’ve not once bought a product from him that I haven’t been totally in love with! Okay so below are the swatches of Sagittarius (left) and Chrysanthemum (right).


I got so frustrated taking this swatch photo, because you really can’t see how beautiful a colour Chrysanthemum is! The pinky/peachy nude colour has these tiny little flecks of gold that really stand out when on the lips and in certain lights but unfortunately my camera wasn’t able to pick it up!

Either way, if you can still get your hands on these shades either on Beauty Bay or Jeffree Star Cosmetics official website then I highly recommend doing so! If not, try out some other of his products, they’re fantastic quality and at a fair price point of ¬£16 each normal price. Totally worth it, because I guarantee you’ll be wearing them everyday!

Thanks for the read,

Coral xo

Top 3 Powder Highlighters

If like me you’re a highlighter queen and don’t leave the house without gleaming cheekbones then this post is for you. Here are my top 3, ride or die, best in the world powder highlighters. These are products I use every single day and have purchased and repurchased over the years. Enjoy!

Mary-Lou Manzier- The Balm

The Balm are well known for their outgoing names and cheeky puns. But also known for the immense quality products. I may be wrong but my guess is the Mary-Lou has got to be their best selling product. I’ve gone through about 3 of these compacts over the years, it’s not so subtle golden silver glow is enough to melt all your woes away. It is honestly my go to, number 1 highlight. 4 compacts later, I’m still in love. Currently ¬£17.49 for 8.5g ¬†in Superdrug.

Soft & Gentle – Mac Cosmetics

I mean if you didn’t guess this would be on the list then what are you doing here. Just kidding, I know S&G is quite highly sought after and raved about a lot in the beauty world but it’s for good reason! This highlighter gives a gorgeous soft pinky hued glow that lasts all day and blends perfectly into the rest of your make up.My only slight query with this highlighter is that it’s super powdery so sometimes I feel a bit like I’m losing a lot of product. Currently ¬£24 for 10g in Debenhams.

Naked Illuminated Aura – Urban Decay

This was one of the first powder highlighters I ever bought, I’ve now been through 2 boxes and still love it, it’s the kind of highlighter that is almost just like sheer glitter and I love it! Whether used on its own for a glittery pop or over another highlighter to give an actual sheen that could be seen from space – it always does the trick. I’ve recommended this to so many of my friends and clients throughout the years, there’s also two other shades of this highlight now and both are equally as pretty. Currently ¬£22.50 for 6g in Debenhams.


Below are swatches with and without flash of the products. Top is Mary-Lou, middle if Soft & Gentle and lastly Urban’s Aura.

So there we go my top 3 highlighters in powder formula. If you were considering purchasing any of these products then I hope my swatches and comments help with your decision. I would recommend these products in a heartbeat, they’re all honestly great and not crazy expensive either so you’re not going to be breaking the bank here!


Let me know you’re favourite highlighters because I’m always on the lookout for new products! Thanks for the read,

Coral xo

PUR Limited Edition Palettes

Hello loves, so a couple of weeks ago on Beauty Bay I saw they were marketing a Beauty Bay exclusive with Pur, offering a 2 limited edition palette set for just ¬£27 and well obviously I bought it. Now I actually forgot I had this until I was on Beauty Bay again this week and the set has gone into the sale for ¬£13.50 so I thought I’d do a quick swatch and tell for you just in case you’re debating the purchase!

First off then we have the Midday Mirage Cheek Palette offering 6 shades in total. 2 bright blushes, a highlight and bronzer and then 2 supposed highlights or maybe bronzer or shadow, I’m not too sure?! Whatever they are, they’re stunning and the pigmentation is great.

In the Day Dream, Day Look Eye Shadow Palette we have 8 shadow options including 2 cream tones, 3 mauvey hued shadows, 2 rose tones and my favourite – Reverie, beautiful brown toned nude with small flecks of gold. Both palettes contain a mirror making this perfect for carrying on the daily or travelling.

These are the very first products I’ve used from Pur and honestly, I do really like the colours of the product and the packaging is very clean and fresh looking but I feel like pigmentation could have been a little stronger in a select couple of the eye shadows. I love colours like Whisper but unfortunately it took so many attempts to build up the kind of pigmentation both with my finger on swatches and also with a blending brush on my eyes.

However I don’t have a bad word to say about the face palette, the colours are stunning, the Trance bronzer is my favourite, it’s a beautiful warm toned colour and had great pigmentation.I’m not sure if Imagine (bottom right) is intended as eyeshadow or not but that’s what I’ve been using it for as it complements blue/green eyes nicely.

In case you were wondering, Pur is they are a cruelty-free company. They claim to never test on animals and that the majority of their products are paraben and gluten free as well as being vegan friendly. This is great for me I’ve been doing a lot of research lately into cosmetic testing on animals so it makes me really happy when I can contribute to a cruelty free brand like Pur.

Overall, I like both palettes and I’m going to try get a lot of use out of them. For only ¬£27 I think they’re really good value and can’t wait to try more of their products in the future. I hope these swatches are clear enough for you to gain an insight into the quality of Pur’s products and has helped you if you’re considering purchasing anything from Pur! If anyone has this let me know how you get on with it! Thanks for the read,

Coral xo

January 17 Netflix Picks

Hello dears today I have something a little further away from beauty. I’ve had Netflix for the best part of about 3 years now and use it daily, there’s so many great shows and films available easily accessible from almost anywhere. I’ve seen so many different series big and small over the years, many being a total hit but also some being a real miss. So today I’m going to share with you my top picks available on Netflix as of January 2017! Grab some popcorn and make a list, because some of these shows are addictive!

Zoo, 2015


First we have a series I only recently discovered thanks to a recommendation by my Dad. Zoo is a 13 part thriller drama set in the present day as unexplained, violent animal begin to take place across the globe. Zoo shows a small group of people on the hunt for a cure- a cure to stop all humankind being abolished by the animal kingdom. Intrigued? You should be, from the world go I was addicted to this series, it’s one of those drama’s that sound so ridiculous when you read the plot but once you begin watching it’s one of the most gripping, spectacular shows I’ve seen for a long time. Zoo was initially shown on CBS which I don’t have here in the UK, I’m just hoping they will explore the very large open door left wide when series 1 ended.

Jane the Virgin, 2014

jane the virgin.jpeg

Set in Miami, Jane the Virgin focuses on the unexpectedly unlucky life of Jane Villanueva. Originally a young, religious hard working woman whose family vow to save her virginity until marriage is compromised when she is mistakenly artificially inseminated by her Doctor. Although it may seem the events are quite serious, the show parodies common devices used in original Latin telenovelas. This give the CW series a great satirical rom-com feel and in spite of some sad moments, it’s generally quite a happy heartwarming show. Award winning Jane Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni have amazing chemistry throughout and expect many twists and turns throughout Anthony Mendez’s clever narration.

 A Series of Unfortunate Events, 2017


I actually binge watched this series last weekend, having read the books when I was younger it was nice to see a Netflix Original reboot of Lemony Snickit’s brilliant books. Despite it’s obviously unfortunate events, all the mishaps are shown the lighthearted black-comedy. Now the cast of this season is fantastic, both starring and producer Neil Patrick-Harris is a credit to his work here and the young actors portray fantastic characteristics to those of the original books. We are also treated to narration from the soothing voice of ¬†Patrick Warburton. His calm collective, insights to the story give the show a something extra suspense. The first season insights into the first 4 of Snicket’s books, and is also in planning of a second series adapting up to the eighth book, and a third season is expected to complete the story.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race, 2009-present


This show has to be one of the most flamboyant, outgoing and damn right hilarious shows out there. I have to credit Ru Paul and the producers for creating a content that immediately puts a smile on your face. When I first started watching the show, I thought that it pretty much has the same plot as America’s Next Top Model, which admit I used to watch religiously, now if you liked Top Model then trust me you will love Drag Race. There’s currently 8 seasons as well as 2 All Stars seasons that show past Queens battling out to be America’s next drag superstar. Just watching the make up artistry skills the contestants have is enough to keep me watching but expect daunting weekly challenges, bitchy arguments, OTT lip syncing and the most fabulously daring outfits you’ll ever see. Ru Paul is the most fabulous of them all in this feel good show. My favourite is Season 6!


Now don’t get me wrong I loved the likes of Pretty Little Liars, Orange is the New Black and Prison Break (Wentworth Miller, duh?) and found most them very enticing and addictive but the shows I’ve mentioned in detail above are some of the picks that I don’t think have been as mainstream or popular so try them out and let me know what you think! I sent my recommendations to my colleagues at work and the best feedback came from Zoo! Hope this give you some Netflix inspiration, thanks for the read,

Coral xo 

Brand Review: Make Up Revolution

Predominately a UK brand, Revolution has seen a giant soar in sales and popularity these past months and quite rightly so. Admittedly I once saw this brand as cheap, high street dupes filling up my local Superdrug with a target audience of only just teenagers. However, demand for this brand has increased massively lately with many of their now loved products quickly selling out and product reviews from bloggers emerging claiming a true love for the brand. So last month I did a little Superdrug order (which I did online to stop myself swatching before I purchased so I can grasp a true first impression when actually using the products) and bought some of the more staple products flying about the bloggesphere as well as some other treats… But are they worth the hype?
For the most part, yes.

First of all is the highly sought after Fortune Favours the Brave eye shadow palette. Boasting 30 unique shades of both mattes and shimmers, this palette offers a very diverse colour range which is brilliant if you’re on the hunt for an eye shadow which you can use on the daily but also for more out-there looks. I paid ¬£9.99 for this palette which is an amazing price point, even for a drug store brand – so I was pleasantly surprised with how much colour pay off you get with these shadows. The pigmentation of this palette is good and easily blendable. ¬†My only query with this product is that I did get quite a lot of fall out while applying. I used my Sigma brushes for blending and a small flat Morphe brush for the lid. Luckily, I generally always do my eyes before applying face make up so for me colour fall out is not a huge downer but I know a lot of people that apply their face base first so just a pre-warning.

¬†As you can see there is no crazy fancy packaging here, but a sleek, hard plastic case which does give a feel of durability (which is the same style packaging as most of their palette based products). It comes with a double ended brush for application which I’m afraid I didn’t test out because I generally never use the brushes given with palettes as I find them to be of a much lower quality than my other brushes.

Moving on to the 2 palettes pictured above. First, the Highlighter Palette in the aptly named Highlight. This 3 colour product is stunning, colour payoff is very impressive and a little really does go a long way. The colour options are nice, offering a blush pink, nude gold and subtle yellow. If you’re looking for a bright, almost fluorescent highlight that’s really going to stand out then this product is the one for you! Next I have the Blush Palette in Blush Queen.

Now I know this is a blush palette but I’m honestly not a big blush wearer so I tested them out as blush and they were ok but not my personal taste and honestly I get so stressed out even trying to wear it, so I’ve been using these as eyeshadows instead and I’ve got much more use from the palette this way. They have good pigmentation but the longevity isn’t the best, still worth way more than the actual price tag of only ¬£9.99. I’m definitely noticing myself using these products way more often than I thought I would!

Next I have the Fixing Spray which I must firstly credit the packaging – a mainly black spray bottle with a rose gold font and cap is definitely one way to entice me into buying a product!¬†The actual product at hand however is not something I will continue to use, for me the staying power of this product is not fantastic, and takes a little longer than I like to settle and dry on my skin. I didn’t really notice any difference in the longevity of my make up throughout the week I was testing it out, although it’s an absolute steal at ¬£6, it’s unfortunately not worth it for me. Let me know if anyone else has trouble with this setting spray, or any others for that matter!

Now for my favourite. The Baked Highlighter in Goddess of Love I am in love with this product and honestly could not rave about it more if I tried. I’m honestly struggling to even put into words the beauty of this packaging too, I know it’s almost an exact replica of the Too Faced baked bronzers and highlighters – but I still love them! The pigmentation on swatches and when actually applied to the face is worth far more than the effective cost of only ¬£4.99. I loved this product so much that I actually went on to the Superdrug website again to buy more shades and they were all sold out! However I did manage to pick up in store one of the Baked Bronzers sweetly named Summer of Love which although includes a glittery shine in the formula that I would normally stray from, I also love! Colour pay and longevity is amazing, I’ve found myself reaching for both these products on the daily.



P.s This isn’t a sponsored post but just a head’s up that if you sign up for a Superdrug Rewards Card, you get free standard home and store delivery!

Okay so there’s all my thoughts on these Revolution products, I absolutely love the baked bronzer and highlighter and have been using them every day since I bought them! I would highly recommend anybody wanting to try new products or even make up beginners to try out this brand. It’s extremely affordable and your actually getting decent products here! I hope these swatches and comments are a good insight ¬†into this brand for you to go out and test them for yourself! Thanks for the read,

Coral xo


MAC Mariah Carey – Review & Swatches

Hey beautiful people, hope you’re all well. Today I have an extremely belated little show and tell of the MAC Mariah Carey products I managed to snap up last month. Now I actually only managed to get 3 things from this collection however I’m over the moon with the ones I was lucky enough to get my hands on! So lets dive in…

First we have the Extra Dimension Skin Finish in My Mimi. This is my favourite out the 3 for sure. A beautifully buttery metallic golden compact, that swatches and applies like a dream. I’m a sucker for anything gold and shiny so I was so happy I managed to get this! Applied as a highlighter, it’s not as intense as you’d first presume after swatching, it definitely is a show stopping colour, but it doesn’t go as far to make you feel like you’re walking around with bright gold streaks across your face. I’ve also been using this as an eyeshadow topper, which gives a really nice glittery sheen and if applied with the right colour base can really emphasise the natural colour of your eyes.

The other 2 items I managed to grab were a couple of the Lipsticks. First I have the shade I Get So OOC, a Frost formula with stunning hues of brown and gold really looks gorgeous on anyone with olive or darker tanned skin! I have olive skin and when I wear this colour I just feel so confident! Which is kinda strange because usually MAC’s frost formulas are a no go for me as always feel so conscious wearing metallic or shiny lip products. The swatch pictures honestly don’t do this shade much justice but it looks stunning on, especially with quite a simple warm toned taupe eyeshadow.

The second shade is of course Dahhlinggg! Cremesheen formula in a simple pink toned nude that is a true compliment to any everyday make up look. This colour I actually wore New Years Eve this year. I put this on my lips first for a subtle base then threw subtle out the window and had a silver glitter episode! Usually I’ll try put on a Matte if I’m wearing a glittery lip because I feel like it will last longer but the Cremesheen formula seemed to sit tight throughout the whole evening (of the parts which I can remember either way). I’ve included a picture with flash (left) and without (right) so that hopefully on my scratched iPhone camera you can try see the difference in colour.

Okay guys so there’s my mini haul of the MAC Mariah Carey Collection. I love all the products and only wish I’d have been able to get more! I think MAC absolutely smashed it with this collaboration, not only on the product quality itself, but with the marketing and packaging it was a true win! I hope you enjoyed this post, if there is any of this collection still in stock I highly recommend trying to get your hands on some of these products! Thanks for the read,

Coral xo

What I Got For Christmas 2016

Hello, hope you’re all well and hope you had an amazing Christmas! I for one had such a great day, my whole family came over and we ate the most amazingly tasty Christmas dinner, played charades and danced to old classics until the early hours! I love it when everyone gets together and puts all those family quarrels aside to just celebrate ūüôā

Now this post isn’t going to be every single thing I received this year, I’ve left out the socks, underwear, pajamas and other little bits (mainly because they’re already in use lol). Quick disclaimer: I consider myself very lucky for the lovely gits I received this year from my family and friends and thought I would share a select few with you! In no way, shape or form is this ‘bragging’, I just love reading these posts and thought I’d make my own! Please leave some comments here and tell me what you got this Christmas so I can go buy everything in the sales lol!

Ok so the first present was actually a gift from me, to me! I feel like in 2016, if you want yourself a present then girl you go buy it! I even wrapped this up and placed it under the tree for myself to open on Christmas morning, sad? Probably. Bothered, nope. The present in question is of course the Giorgio Armani – Si. I am in love with this perfume, its a mature yet inviting scent and most importantly for me it’s not overpowering! Best part is it came in a little gift set with a mini mascara and lip gloss… Free extras, yay. Bit on the pricey side, but I consider this perfume well worth the money and now a staple in my routine. Anyway here’s some of my amazing Christmas gifts! P.s sorry for picture quality, camera is still dead ūüė¶



It was also my 21st birthday this week so rather than doing a separate post I thought I’d pop in some pictures of my beautiful presents here too!

This is the simple yet stunning Oliver Burton watch my amazing Grandma gifted me for my birthday this year, she wanted to give me something material that I could treasure forever and have as  memory of this milestone day. I feel incredibly lucky to have received this from her and honestly could not be more grateful!

My lovely Auntie also sent me the gorgeous little mix match earrings from Anthropology which I have been wanting to buy myself for a while now. I love the simplicity of this design and mix matched earrings are becoming some what of a personal passion lately so I’m very pleased to be adding these to my collection!

And that’s the most part of what I received from my generous family and friends for Xmas this year, I hope you all received gifts that you love too and hope you all had an amazing New Years Eve. I for one actually spent this year at home with my family watching the London Fireworks, drinking Disaronno and singing along to Auld Lang Syne when the clock struck midnight ¬†ūüôā

Happy New Year everyone,

Coral xo